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Elizabeth Saucier

At just 15 years old, Elizabeth began working for Genesis Technology Systems as a sub contractor. The company was young and RJ was excited to bring his daughter into the fold. In a short 24 hours, Elizabeth was using IronCAD like a pro. As of 2019, she has been with the company and using IronCAD for five years.

RJ Saucier

The founder, owner and genius behind Genesis Technology Systems, RJ Saucier began using IronCAD in 2011 for his design business and upon realizing it is the best 3D CAD system on the market, he contacted them to become part of the reseller network. In 2013, he became an important part of the developement of IronCAD, aiding the team at HQ in creating updates that would be best for everyday users like himself.

Ron Stock

Ron Stock has been an IronCAD supporter for quite some time now and has been working closely with Genesis Technology Systems for years to increase awareness of IronCAD and the benefits of using it versus the bigger names out there. 


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